South Run

Whitehall Mail Post  (order online)


South Run

"The Landover" metal 4" X 4' post in bronze

We are booked up for four weeks due to large amount of orders.

"The Landover" metal 4" X 4' post in black

Metal 4in x 4in posts 

​​​​​Mailbox Replacement LLC offers well crafted replacement mail posts. Established in 2005 serving Fairfax Station, Clifton, Lorton, Burke and Springfield neighborhoods with HOA design rules.

 We offer for South Run and Crosspointe a "Complete Replacement" which includes installation of a new 4" x 6" pressure treated stained mail post, new black steel mailbox and reflective house numbers. We recycle the old post and mailbox.

For other neighborhoods we offer only metal posts. After many years of building wooden posts I have concluded they don't compare with the metal maintence free posts. Gibraltar & Whitehall offer a variety of metal posts a few are shown below.

If you prefer the larger size mailbox the metal post will support it much better. 

We follow your HOA guidelines for construction and installation.  We use hand picked pressure treated wood and coated wood screws instead of nails. We apply three coats of approved stain for long lasting results. 

We  take pride in each installation offering prompt courteous service. We will contact Miss Utility before installing. We leave each site neat and tidy. We will take extra care of any plantings near your mail post. With over 500 satisfied customers just ask your property manager about us.



"Beautifying The Outdoors, One Mail Post At A Time"