THE COMPLETE REPLACEMENT - Hand Crafted and Stained 6"x 4" Mail Post, Mailbox, House Numbers, includes installation and removal for Crosspointe - $279 or South Run - $299  


We hand pick our Grade II pressure treated wood. All posts are fastened with wood screws not nails. We apply a minimum of three coats of premium BHER stain before the post goes in the ground, then a final coat during installation. We use your HOA required stain color. We offer premium steel mailboxes by Gilbralter. We attach decorative reflective house numbers to the post.   We use quick setting concrete to keep your post standing level.


We take pride in each mail post we build. HOA regulated mail post often have routed edges and special brackets that require special tools. We angle cut the top of the post to resist wood rot. We fasten the pressure treated wood with coated screws instead of nails. We sand the post before applying three or more coats of quality stain. We drill two break away holes at the bottom of the post for safety.

fast setting concrete

4" decrotive house numbers

Crosspointe approved OASIS 360 Locking Mailbox

Vandal Resisant Heavy Guage Steel  Mailbox 



Standard Steel Mailbox

coated wood screws

hand picked



Mailbox Replacement LLC will confirm your order by email. We can install the new post without the need for customer to be present. Your post will be installed using your Home Owner Association rules and guidelines. We leave each site neat and tidy. We love your plants too and will be careful of any near by plantings. We will leave or send an invoice via email when completed.  We can accept checks /money orders or PayPal.